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5th January 2017.  Had a routine root canal job a few weeks ago, only about £400 but I was still getting pain from an infection somewhere so I went for another specialist assessment today and the advice was an extraction, an implant, and three crowns, £4,500 gasp! Does anyone know a cheaper implanter and crowner? Willing to travel. I decided to have the extraction so farewell old tooth friend, some meals we’ve had, cud chewed!














5 January 2017.  If you are interested in celebrities (e.g. Angelina Jolie) then you are likely to click on a fake story about her (e.g. that Brad is divorcing her because she spends all her time promoting her miraculous anti-ageing cream). If you believe in these scientifically impossible products then you won’t be able to resist a free offer of the stuff which you think is recommended by Angelina and is clearly the cause of her stunning looks and eternal youth. So you click on a free sample of this amazing anti-death cream. You will be disappointed to learn that you have to pay £3.00 for delivery but heh! what’s that to avoid the face of death!? You gladly give your credit card details. You are mildly surprised but happy that a full jar of the snake oil arrives and are not aware until you get your credit card statement that you’ve agreed to pay £80 for a full jar of the stuff; agreed in the terms in greyed out tiny font that you have difficulty in reading even if you had the time. You are further shocked the next month when you discover you’ve signed up for a life time supply of the stuff, £80 a month or eternity if it works of course. Cancelling isn’t easy either, perhaps a good day on the phone.


Did Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Get a Divorce Because of a Fight Over Their Multimillion Dollar Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream Company?