Dow10 Various

Front fencing is in v poor condition; missing panels, damaged posts.

Side boundary fencing in poor condition and not repairable (damaged posts); also land is not of much use to the house. It would be better to relocate the 6ft fencing to the back garden to where the damaged concrete fence is (and remove the damaged fence)

Poor 3ft concrete boundary fencing devalues property and the land it encloses not of much value. If the 6ft timber fenceing was moved to where the concrete fencing is the house would have a large and private rear garden.

Tenant has made an effort make the rear garden good – lawn and flagged patio area

A previous tenant relocated the kitchen sink (and kitchen) to a place where a long and badly designed waste pipe is needed. The waste pipe is leaking and needs rejointing but ideally the kitchen needs relocating and renewing because it is at the moment built around the consumer electric fuseboard!

Leaking pipe joint

Fence posts are not repairable.

Fencing to the front of the house could match next door (or perhaps not, Mary thinks!)

Small job – leaking gutter joint

Small job – detail around window head

Need to replace soil stack.

Radiator needs rehanging

Make good plaster around light fitting

Kitchen not good, and it is built around the electric fuse unit which is right next to the sink.

Tenant wants the gas fire removed and an electric plasma fire instead; this would be cheaper for the landlord, cheaper than maintaining/service the gas fire.

Leaking taps -need repair or replacement

Poor fuse unit almost under the sink!

small job – toilet cistern not fixed to the wall

Small job – toilet cistern not fixed well to the wall

Leaking joint from badly fitted kitchen waste pipe (the very long horizontal run probably means it gets blocked)

Former hard standing and gates at end of side garden

Next door