Chu29 condition

External painting

Grids for gulleys

External painting

Door decayed an non operational – new door would make it a useful store.

A reminder to get the boiler overflow fixed

Door decayed and non operational – with new door, a useful store 

Cills need making good to stop water penetration of wall


Artex ceilings everywhere make the house very 1970’s – not a selling point.

Need a timber cill! 


Black or dark paint everywhere – redecoration is part of claim against guarantor. 

Rubbish to be removed

This has been caused by stuff stacked against the wall. Cleaning/redec only required

Artex to bathroom walls! 

Missing bath panel – tenant had good one fitted and took it with them!  Part of claim against guarantor.

They took the carpet!!!  Probably a good thing. All carpets smell strongly of dog.

Just condensation mould.  

More rubbish to move (claim v guarantor)

Sign of bad tenant! 

All the laminates are in v poor condition (they are many years old)

Not rising damp.  Dog damage I think.

Not sure whether to try and repair or replace work top. This was here before the last tenant moved in.

More rubbish (guarantor claim)

There are 3 defective window glazing units to replace


External decs


Good fireplace worth keeping

Replacement lock courtesy of Jonathan’s girlfriend

External decs

External decs