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Professional Letting Service

I act for lots of different small landlords but I am responsible for letting and looking after every property. This means that you get a personal service and have one point of contact for any problems with rent or repairs and you can ring me at any time.

As a Chartered Surveyor I have professional standards to keep but most of my landlord clients realise that if we don’t keep the properties in good condition then we don’t get and keep good tenants. So I try to make sure that the property is in good condition when it is let and if any repairs are needed during the tenancy I check these out personally and arrange work asap and essential repairs the same day or within 24 hours.

  • Gas central heating boilers are normally covered by a maintenance contract with British Gas which means repairs with 24 hours or the same day. Where they are I still aim to get boilers repaired/operational within 24 hours or as soon as parts can be obtained.
  • Energy performance, gas safety certificate and deposit guarantee certificates are provided for all tenancies.

The letting procedure is simple.

  • There are no fees payable by you for checking your credit status or admin. etc.
  • At the time of signing the tenancy agreement I usually need a deposit or bond of one month’s rent
  • I also need the first month’s rent in advance in cash or in the form of a cheque from your bank or building society (not a personal cheque).
  • The rent after that is payable by standing order (not direct debit) from your account to mine.

If you are not able to pay a deposit and/or you are currently a benefit claimant then I will need a guarantor for the tenancy agreement, and usually the guarantor must have been in full employment (not self employment) and living in the same place for at least 3 years (as a home owner or a tenant).


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